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Hi Nick! Welcome to your Client Portal.

Here, you can find things like your Website Questionnaire and the approximate time until your website is complete.  


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Your Approximate Website Completion Date!









Export Current Products

Export all of IPM’s current products and place them on the new store



New Custom Pages

Create custom Home page with products, slider and categories (new stock images) 


Resize Images to meet new sizing requirements

Resize all images to meet new requirements of products. 


Customize filters for sidebar

Customize categories according to clients needs to create a clean modern look. 


Check out system

Upon approval of the client, implement bolt checkout system.  More information can be found here: 


Your Documents

Most of what you need will be here, but if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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Our Agreement

In the event you need to take a look at your Agreement with us, please feel free to do so at anytime by clicking the link below.
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In the event you need to take a look at the initial Proposal we sent you, please feel free to do so at anytime by clicking the link below.
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Website Questionnaire

Tell us a little bit about your business, so we can build a tailored site for you.


Here are some basic questions and answers.  If you have any more, please feel free to contact us.

What about email?

We will help you set up  email if you’d like.  

What if I need to connect a service to my site like Salesforce?

We can help you with that too.  We’ve helped our clients connect many different tools to their site.

How fast can my website go live once I approve the design?

As long as the final design payment has been made, a typical website can go live in as little as 24-48 hours.

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